There is no need to schedule a private session to start, unless you want to. Your first few classes will take some time to get familiar with the machine, the names of the moves and the workout but we find after 2-3 classes you’ll start to know where your going. Our instructors are pros at working our 1st timer’s into class. Remember to stay patient, stay focused and get ready to become a Lagree addict!

Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for your first session. That way we can give you a tour of the studio, purchase grip socks and give a quick orientation of the Megaformer.

Classes are 40 minutes of non stop movement. We won’t cue any breaks so if you need to take a sip of water or catch your breath you can join back in when you are ready.

We tend to see best results at 4+ times per week. Lagree also compliments Yoga, CrossFit and many other workouts. Mixing it in a few times a week is a great way to get started.

Grip socks are required to keep you firmly grounded on your machine and also help keep our Megas super clean. We have a great selection for purchase in studio. Classes are short but having water available is a good idea. We offer filtered water stations at both studios.

Please try and arrive 5 minutes before the start of class. If you haven’t shown up by the time class has started occasionally your Mega may be given away to a walk in client who is waiting.

When booking please make sure to opt in to email/text updates. When you’ve been added to class you will receive a notification or be able to check your status in the app. Please note that if you are on the waitlist and get added to class inside our 12 hour late cancel window you are expected to attend class. Please pull yourself off the waitlist if you know you can no longer attend.

Our late cancel window is 12 hours prior to class and works differently based on your class package:

Monthly Contract – $25 late cancel fee
8x per Month – lose your class credit
10 Day Pass – $25 late cancel fee
Class Packs – lose your class credit

Congratulation! Staying fit during pregnancy helps you feel great during pregnancy, prepare for labor and bounce back after baby’s arrival.
Be sure to arrive a few minutes early to let your instructor know you are expecting. We will be able to give you some modifications and let you know what moves to stay away from.

Yes! We offer private sessions typically mid day after our group classes wrap up. We also offer private group classes perfect for team building, bridal parties and birthday parties! Email us team@lagreemaui.com for more details and to schedule a session.

We require 30 days notice when canceling any reoccurring membership. Please email us team@lagreemaui.com.
You will receive confirmation upon receipt along with your final payment date.