Jessica Reedy


Hometown: Wilton, CT

Why you love Lagree: Lagree is the best workout ever! It’s so hard but it feels so good. The results are crazy! I’ve wanted to look and feel like I do now my whole life and it didn’t happen until I started doing Lagree!

Fitness Background: I grew up ski racing and showing horses in the Junior Jumpers. After high school I started competing in skiing halfpipe and quickly went pro. Needless to say I have spent many hours at the gym, in Physio and focusing on health and wellness. Once I retired from skiing and became a mom I did yoga, barre, CrossFit… Lagree was the one that clicked. In 2019 we decided to open the studio in Maui and the rest is history!

Favorite thing to do on Maui in free time: Surf south side swells, snorkel Molokini from the Jet ski, paddle board with the whales!

Favorite place to eat: Kinaole Grill Food Truck, ahi poke from Tobi’s Shave Ice, day dates at Mama’s and night dates at Vana

Favorite Lagree move: Spider kicks & standing inner thighs all day!